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Taiteilijan nimi:: Andrew Blue
Ammatti:: Porn Star
Etnisyys:: Caucasian - American
Silmien väri:: Blue
Hiusten väri:: Blonde
Penis:: Ympärileikattu
Vartalon karvoitus:: Hairy
Ruumiinrakenne:: Slim
Seksirooli:: Switch Hitteri
Ekstra: Andrew Blue made his name in porn as a horny young twink type in about 2007 but over the years he's clearly worked on his body and has grown into a handsome jock. When he came into gay porn, he considered himself straight but after many outings sucking cock and having his ass fucked, Andrew now says he will happily have sex with men and women. He's also versatile on film. Outside of porn he enjoys video games, being with friends and sport on TV. Andrew's outings in the biz have included films with a surfer theme, many sessions with the Nextdoor Studios outfit and an exclusive contract with Jet Set Men. He stands about 5ft 10ins tall, has a 7.5-inch cut cock and has brown hair when he's not posing as a peroxide blond!

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